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If you are an artist who is looking for ways to "monetize their creativity", but are not really sure where to begin, we are here to help! The world has changed drastically in the last decade or two... if you look at the music industry and the changes that have affected the artists, you can see that musicians now must rely more and more on selling merchandise and touring, instead of record sales.

We are of the opinion that as an artist, you would be naive to assume that the same changes do not affect you. Sure, you can wait for that gallery to notice you... or that famous art critic, while your art piles up in the corners of your studio.

Or you can get out there and PUSH your art out. In our years of vending and doing events, we have pushed out 1000s of prints (and originals) through shear hard work and tenacity. It is a tiring effort... but should also be the dream of most artists to have their creative endeavors adorn the walls of so many.


We also can provide an assist to any artist who seeks to get out there and make some money from their art. We provide services such as digitization of artwork, merchandise and apparel creation, and more! You can use a 3rd party website to do these things, but then you sacrifice artistic control over your merch or clothing by never seeing the items before they are shipped. This seems cold and impersonal. We set out to make that personal and give the artist total control over what they put their art on.

So if you seek to take that next step as an artist, reach out to us! We can work within any budget, and help to turn your talents into a proper side hustle.


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