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Work in progress
Leaders of the Post-Human Era/The Great Reset Timelapse
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Tessellation #1: Mischievous Devil
in the Back of the Mind


Tessellation #3: Birds


Tessellation #5.5: Masks


Running Man Tessellation (#1)




Skeleton Print/Sketch #1, The Way We Travel


Skeleton Print/Sketch #2, Oz
[Out Here in the Perimeter, There are No Stars]


Skeleton Print/Sketch #3, Utopia/Dystopia


Skeleton Print/Sketch #4, Alice


Skeleton Print/Sketch #5, Dystopia




From Obelisk to Eyeball


One of Five


Crosshatch #1


Crosshatch #2


Crosshatch #3


Crosshatch #4


Untitled (Nude)


Transhumanist Harem


Bank Run


Transmission Control


Bio-Reptilian Woman




Assorted Geometry


Untitled (Cosmic Geometry)


Gravitational Lensing


Initial Separation of White Light


Vortex Mathematics




Untitled (Flower of Life)




Dragon's Blood Tree


Spokane Clock Tower


North Idaho Winter In Ink


Poppy and Honey Bee


Numbers as Colours

Each number is represented by a different colour. If you plug them into your
calculator, they will work out. Notice the repeating round patterns on the
right hand column; this is a beauty of math that you would never notice looking
at the numbers. Here are the first two lines of the equations:

12345679 1x 9 = 111111111 / 9 = 12345679
12345679 x 18  = 222222222  / 9 =  24691358






Feedback Loop: Chair #1


Feedback Loop: Chair #2


Leaders of the Post-Human Era/The Great Reset


Dear Leader


Digital Communication Between the House and the Senate


Cocaine Mitch and his Two Grand - In Progress


The Standard - In Progress


Open Society - In Progress


SmartCity 2030


Gates to the Future - In Progress



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images/artwork: copyright © 2023 -bd- [brandon douglass] & Jean Sanguinet